Live and Roar: an Axolotl Odyssey

"Amazing" and "inspiring" were the words flying around the Darwin centre atrium at The Natural History Museum. As leading folk musicians and prize-winning author DBC Pierre performed the Premiere to a sell out crowd in this Official London 2012 Festival event´╗┐.


Insects Au Gratin

Eating insects? 3D food printing? What on earth are Pestival and Pest friend, the designer Susana Soares, up to? Don't worry, whatever it is, it's all EDIBLE




Sells fridges? No, saves fish

Pestival was very pleased to advise posh London uber-store, Selfridges, on Project Ocean early in the summer... My haven't we been busy?

The mission, and story so far...

Read how Pestival began, what inspired the idea and how we dream of changing the relationship between humans and insects, art  and bio-science

More from Pestival HQ...

Glorious photo galleries

The nature of Pestival lends itself to beautiful, strange and curious photographs.


Our events, and the exhibits, installations and people who attend, are captured here in glorious technicolour


Ant Ballet at FutureEverything

Don't miss Pestival's incredible Ant Ballet at FutureEverything Festival in Manchester, created and 'choreographed' by Ollie Palmer.


Pestival @ Eden Sessions

Summer seems so long ago, but what a time we had down at Cornwall's glorious Eden Project, curating a stage for its famous Sessions event


Who's The Pest? @ Wellcome Collection

From their first bite to the fact they eat us when we die, insects will always be part of our lives. Explore the timeless love story between humans and insects through debates, interactive models, demonstrations, cooking... and insect-eating!

18 April - 16 May 2013 at Wellcome Collection


A night of entomophobia

Hundreds confronted their fear of insects, marveled at the agility of mexican flea dolls in the flea circus and the magic of small things at a packed event


Pestival does Brazil!

The countdown's begun to our next major festival in São Paulo... Find out more and see what went on at previous Pestivals


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