Pestival Ant Ballet at ZSL London Zoo: Coming soon!


30-11-2011 11:09:57 by Admin

Ant Ballet | Pestival 2011 from Ollie Palmer on Vimeo.

Pestival's incredible Ant Ballet, directed and arranged by Ollie Palmer and his colleague Philip Huffield, will be opening soon in a special event area created within ZSL London Zoo.


We can't really say any more as it's something of a secret, but seeing (and hearing) it is a magical experience that you'll remember for a long time and is not to be missed. We'll reveal more when we've finalised the launch date for the public.


Watch the short video trailer above and take a look at Ollie and Philip working on the set to whet your appetite:







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Kaspar Wimberley

'Dancing with ten legs' is an analogue response to insect choreography:
We found a few tricks to dictate the movement of the spider based on it's preference for remaining upright. In other ways the spider probably controlled us! Let us know if you would like any more details, documentation, feedback, etc.

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