Reverse Insect Decline

Calling all slacktivists!

Post by | April 30, 2019

Reverse insect decline .. by being lazy?

Calling all slacktivists! Need some inspiration on how to help MAKE MORE INSECTS?
Over at Bug Life, they’ve compiled 5 quick and easy ways to help reverse insect decline to inspire your inner eco-activist. Guess what? It doesn’t take much to make a global impact.
We wholeheartedly approve of each and every action, however small, even the lazy ones! Simply putting down the bug spray will make a big difference and being messier in our gardens will help the insect communities thrive.

See, it’s not hard.

What will you do today? What’s your Pestival action? Join the #MakeMoreInsects movement today.

"Small steps can have a huge impact if they all fall at the same time"

Bug Life | Reverse Insect Decline