Awash With Pesticides

Go pesticide free

Post by | May 6, 2019

Pesticide crack down

It’s time we all take a chemical free leaf out of Aldi’s book and go pesticide free. The latest analysis of US Department of Agriculture data indicates approximately 70% of fresh produce contains residues of pesticides, even after being washed.
Fruit and veg such as spinach, kale and strawberries were found harbouring the most chemicals, with one sample of kale containing ‘up to 8 different pesticides’. The Guardian. The most common pesticide found was Dacthal, banned in Europe and classed as a carcinogen in the US.
These are worrying statistics, spurring us on to fight for the pesticide ban. What can you do to help? We know it’s not enough to simply ‘go organic’ or wash our apples before chowing down. That doesn’t solve the problem at the core (as it were).
We need the help of the government, to crack down on pesticide use once and for all. Join the movement here and speak up for the little guys.
Read more from the original article on The Guardian.

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